At Yojna IAS, teaching is considered to be a matter of honour and privilege rather than a mere profession. The Faculty of Yojna IAS fraternity possess exceptional devotion and dedication for their work. They are masters in their domain subjects. Through transformative power of effective teaching – they empower students to think intensely about the subject matter, toss around with the new ideas and question the basics. The highly expreienced Faculty plans and executes teaching curriculum in a consonance with learning objectives

  • Teaching from basics – Faculty understands the diverse academic background of the aspirants and hence the prerequisite to start with the basics to ensure that no aspirant is left behind when they move up on the learning curve.
  • Doubt Clearance– Our Subject teachers are available even after class for extra guidance and help of students, no question is small or big for us, since we are here for you, all your queries would be answered.