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Interview Guidance Programme

About Our Programme

Up-and-comers are encouraged to step through the UPSC Personality Examination (or Interview) truly. The Personality Test is the last of the 3 phases of the UPSC Civil Services Examination. The imprints acquired here decide the last position and subsequently the assistance allotment of the competitor. Accordingly, here score as high as could really be expected. The Interview Guidance Program of Yojna IAS readies a competitor completely for the UPSC Personality Test.

Our program holds fast to the perceptions of the Kothari Committee comprised by the UPSC to list the characteristics that ought to be appraised in the character test viz. Lucidity of articulation; Grasp of story and contention; Reasoning capacity; Appreciation of various perspectives; Awareness and worry for financial issues; and, Range and profundity of interests and individual credits pertinent to collaboration with individuals.

Our Panel will, thusly, rate the competitors on the previously mentioned characteristics in the Personality Test.

Programme Details

  • The Yojna IAS Interview Panel comprises of Senior IAS and IPS Officers; Delhi University Professors; and Experts in different fields of General Studies.
  • After the counterfeit meeting, a point by point assessment and criticism is given to the applicant by the Interview Panel.
  • We additionally give a great video of the meeting to the competitor so she/he can watch and gain from it prior to showing up for the genuine UPSC Personality Test.
  • Helpful assets like review materials, uncommon classes for meetings and video addresses are likewise given to our counterfeit meeting competitors.

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