Our past results have been real great. We have had many students who have cracked the exams and some students have topped in their results. The great guidance provided by our mentors not just for their exams but also their interview sessions has helped many students to overcome their nervousness and fear and give their own personal best. The hard work of the students, their dedication towards studies and the guidance of our mentors, their dedication towards their teaching has helped them get success in the exam and has shown great results making the coaching proud. Here are some of the rank holders from our coaching:

  • Ravi Kumar Sihag- 337th rank
  • Ratibha Verma- 3rd rank
  • Richa Ratnam- 274th rank
  • Aniruddh Kumar- 146th rank
  • Sakshi Garg- 350th rank
  • Suneeta Meena- 647th rank
  • Kirti Goel- 432nd rank
  • Vikas Meena- 568th rank
  • Dines Kumar Yadav- 6th rank
  • Ajay Kumar Yadav- 333th rank
  • Shweta Garg- 358th rank
  • Nishant Jain- 13th rank

The guidance, study material, the mentorship, counseling, regular classes are a great help to the students in preparing to the best they can. We do not only guide the students only for studies but also their decisions for the future, interview sessions and personality development.