Gs pre mains

Offline courses offer numerous benefits, but their true value comes from having excellent coaching. To succeed in the UPSC CSE exam, you need a supportive and immersive learning environment, which offline courses provide. Experienced teachers and mentors give you personal attention and feedback to help you improve. Interacting with classmates also gives you support and motivation. However, it’s the quality of coaching that turns these advantages into real progress. All of these are found in Yojna IAS, the first choice of all aspirants. The GS Pre Mains 1 Year Course is designed to give you coaching in a year.

Salient Features

  • Live classroom classes: Yojna IAS offers live interactive classes where students can engage with experienced teachers and ask questions in real time. This dynamic approach enhances learning and encourages active participation.
  • Comprehensive study material: Comprehensive and well-structured study materials are provided to students, covering all aspects of the UPSC CSE exam syllabus. These materials serve as valuable resources for self-study and reinforce classroom learning.
  • Recorded lectures:  In addition to live classes, Yojna IAS provides access to recorded lectures. This allows students to review the content at their convenience, aiding in revision and understanding complex topics. 
  • Weekly Current Affairs PDF: To reinforce current affairs preparation, Yojna IAS offers weekly PDFs summarizing important news and events. This handy resource aids in quick revisions and retention.
  • Live interaction with subject experts: Students get the opportunity to engage in live interactions with subject experts. This platform allows them to seek clarifications, discuss doubts, and gain valuable insights into various topics.
  • Personalized attention: Yojna IAS ensures that each student receives individual attention and guidance. Teachers and mentors cater to the specific needs and strengths of students, nurturing their potential for optimal performance.
  • Study material book set: Along with digital study materials, Yojna IAS provides a comprehensive book set. These physical resources complement online materials, making learning flexible and accessible.
  • Magazines: Yojna IAS offers relevant magazines that cover essential topics for the UPSC CSE exam. These magazines provide in-depth analysis and diverse perspectives on current affairs and trending issues..
  • PDF notes: To aid in revision and quick reference, Yojna IAS provides PDF notes on various subjects. These concise notes offer a handy tool for last-minute preparation and reinforcing key concepts.
  • Daily e-newspaper: Staying updated with current affairs is crucial for UPSC CSE preparation. Yojna IAS provides a daily e-newspaper with relevant news and analysis, helping students stay informed and develop a broader perspective.


Topic  Detail
Registration  Open
Duration  11 – 12 months
Medium  English, Hindi
Mode  Offline
Fees ₹120,000 /-

Your success in the UPSC CSE exam may be greatly influenced by your choice of coaching center. One of Delhi’s top UPSC teaching facilities, Yojna IAS provides instruction in both Hindi and English. Yojna IAS may assist you in realizing your goal of becoming an IAS officer thanks to its knowledgeable faculty, well-organized curriculum, and peer support system. Enroll today to get started on the path to success!