Mains Test Series

It is challenging to pass the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). One of the most important sections of the exam is the Mains stage. It puts your knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and writing skills to the test. YojnaIAS provides an offline mains test series that will help in your Mains stage preparation.
The test set is meant to resemble the Mains exam in style. It covers every subject matter that is crucial for the test. Additionally, the test series gives you performance feedback so you may assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Offline mains test series from YojnaIAS is the best option for you if you are serious about passing the UPSC CSE.
Fee Structure – 20,000/-

The Offline Mains exam Series by Yojna IAS is unique from other exam series since it provides a tailored approach. As a result, you will have the chance to speak with mentors and peers who will evaluate your work and provide you advice. You will gain better preparation techniques and articulation abilities as a result of this engagement.
The test series is also periodically held, which will assist you in incorporating practice into your everyday routine.
The cost of the exam series’ offline mode is Rs. 20,000.

Key Features Of Yojna Mains Test Series

  • With 24 GS Mains Tests and 4 Essay Tests, the exam series thoroughly covers the complete UPSC CSE Mains syllabus.
  • The test series is offered in an offline mode, allowing you to take it in a setting similar to a classroom.
  • Finishing the test questions will give you more self-assurance and reduce exam-related stress.
  • The test papers are prepared realistically to reflect the UPSC CSE Mains exam.
  • The exam papers cover the whole course, allowing you to pinpoint your areas of weakness and improve them.
  • Regular test papers are sent out to guarantee that you receive constant practice.
  • You can speak with mentors one-on-one to receive individualized advice
  • Classes are held with a small number of participants to ensure that you have a concentrated learning experience.


Offline Mains Test Series by Yojna IAS is more than just a means of getting ready for the UPSC CSE Mains exam. It is a life-changing learning opportunity that will assist you in gaining the knowledge and self-assurance you need to ace the test.
To help you obtain a sense of the actual exam setting, the test series is created to be as authentic as feasible. Additionally, it covers the full curriculum, allowing you to pinpoint your areas of weakness and work on them.
Yojna IAS’s Offline Mains Test Series is the best option for you if you are serious about passing the UPSC CSE Mains exam.