All India Survey on Domestic Workers

All India Survey on Domestic Workers


  • Recently the Union Minister of Labor and Employment launched the first all India survey on domestic workers.
  • Such a nationwide survey is being conducted for the first time in independent India and will be completed in about a year.


The main objectives of the survey are:

  • Estimating the number/ratio of domestic workers at the national and state level.
  • Estimation of live-in/live-out domestic workers.
  • Average number of domestic workers employed by households in different types of work.
  • The parameters of the survey are aimed at estimating the number and proportion of domestic workers in major states with different rural and urban migration, their percentage distribution, households employing them and socio-demographic characteristics.
  • It will cover 1.5 lakh households in 742 districts of 37 states/UTs of India.
  • The Survey for Domestic Workers is one of the five national jobs surveys that will be conducted from time to time and will provide important data for the upcoming National Employment Policy.
  • The other four surveys are ‘All India Survey of Migrant Workers’, ‘All India Survey of Employment Generation by Professionals’ and ‘All India Survey of Employment Generation in the Transport Sector’, ‘All India Quarterly Employment Survey’ (AQEES).

Survey Requirement:

  • Domestic workers (DWs) form a significant portion of total employment in the informal sector. However, there is a paucity of data on the magnitude of DWs and current employment conditions.
  • The objective of the survey is to have up-to-date data relating to domestic workers.
  • The survey will help the government to understand the important issues on certain and vulnerable sections of labor and provide guidance for effective policy making.

Domestic Workers:

  • Any person belonging to a family shall be classified as a domestic worker if the frequency of visits by the worker to the home during the last 30 days is at least four days and the goods and/or services produced by the worker are in cash or kind. is consumed by the members of the family.

Status of domestic workers:

  • According to the latest data of ‘e-shram portal’, out of 8.56 crore informal sector workers registered, around 8.8% fall in the category of domestic workers.
  • There are about 38 crore workers in the informal sector in India.
  • At the current rate of registration in the e-shram portal, there will be 3-3.5 crore domestic workers in the country.
  • Domestic workers are the third largest category of workers after agriculture and construction.
  • India is a signatory to the ‘International Labor Organization Convention’ C-189 (Domestic Workers Convention, 2011).

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