Article 47

Article 47


Article 47- Today Current Affairs

  • ‘Those who want to come to Bihar after drinking alcohol, or bring them to drink in Bihar, then do not come.’ This is what Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is saying.
  • Recently, the Government of Bihar has started a ‘Samaj Reform Abhiyan’ with the aim of social reforms. In this, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is making people aware about the benefits of prohibition and the ill effects of dowry system and child marriage on the society. The Hindu Analysis.
  • It is worth noting that since the year 2016, liquor has been banned in Bihar. After all, under which constitutional law the Bihar government has banned liquor.
  • Directive principles of policy have been described in part 4 of the constitution. Its concept comes from the Irish constitution. The Hindu Analysis.
  • Article 47 has been mentioned under the Directive Principles of Policy. According to this, it is the duty of the government to work to raise the nutritional level and standard of living of the people and to improve public health.
  • From here, any state government gets the right to prohibit the consumption of narcotic substances, drugs injurious to health, other than for medicinal purposes.
  • Although some experts are of the view that Article 47 does not outright ban alcohol consumption, but only asks the state to make efforts in that direction.
  • The rationale behind this is that the Directive Principles of Policy are not binding in nature. That is why under Article 47 the state is not obliged to prohibit the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
  • The efforts of the state government depend on many other factors such as law and order; how is the financial position;  Is it practically possible to do so;  How prepared are people for this?  How aware people are about the ill-effects of alcohol, is it in the interest of the state to take drastic steps…. etc. etc.
  • It is noteworthy that the Supreme Court, while commenting on Article 47, said that the idea of ​​​​banning the consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs injurious to health is related to public health.
  • If a state government feels that the consumption of alcoholic beverages and drugs injurious to health should be banned in that state, it may do so. The Hindu Analysis.
  • In addition, on May 4, 2020, in the Madras High Court, R. A case of Dhanasekaran vs Government of Tamil Nadu was reached.  It said that there should be a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and consumption of liquor in Tamil Nadu.
  • But the court refused to consider the petition. The Madras High Court had held that the rules regarding liquor were purely a matter of state policy.  In which the court cannot interfere.
  • There was a vigorous debate in the Constituent Assembly meeting regarding the implementation of Article 47 and its provisions. Ambedkar, Chairman of the Drafting Committee, reminded the members of the House that it is a part of the Directive Principles of State Policy, that is, it is not binding.  In future, if the state governments feel, they can make it enforceable.

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