Best 10 IAS Coaching in Sangli Miraj Kupwad

Best 10 IAS Coaching in Sangli Miraj Kupwad

IAS is the most requested and topmost bureaucrat of India. They have de facto power in the administration of the country. All ministries secretaries are also at the state and central level of government. The district’s DM is also an IAS officer. It is the most preferred post for any IAS officer. Coaching is not a must for UPSC/Civil Services Examination (CSE). Most of the students who got selected on CSE didn’t join any coaching institutes. So it depends on person to person.

 You will be mostly fond of many coaching institutes releasing the ranks of their quality students. But many of the students have no guidance about the civil service examination. So in such a case, an aspirant must take coaching. Many institutions are there for coaching purposes in both online and offline mode.

About Yojna IAS Coaching Institute Sangli Miraj Kupwad  – Best UPSC  Coaching Center in Sangli Miraj Kupwad 

Yojna IAS is the best coaching centre. They provide all the study material. We don’t need books from the excellent Institute to start up with basic education. Yojna IAS is the best IAS academy. We’ll have structured courses, inspiring faculties, a well planned schedule and a power packed panel. This should be your first choice.

Yojna IAS has Perfect teachers , best explanation , pure and cool behaviour with students , Best facilities provided and if u have these things then no doubt you are one of the best aspirants for preparation.  Yojna IAS is the Best institute which helps students to achieve their goals. Yojna IAS has Very specific teachers, Amazing facilities.

Best Study Materials of Yojna IAS

Yojna IAS classes were well-organised and extremely informative. The Yojna IAS teachers and mentors were absolutely professional and supportive. The administrative staff was really cooperative and helpful. In short, this is the best institute

The best coaching for the preparation of UPSC CSE. The faculty members are supportive and always encourage us to do well in our life. Yojna IAS teachers who crossed the level of excellence in teaching their respective subjects i.e., history, economics and sociology.

Best IAS Coaching in Sangli Miraj Kupwad 

All the Yojna IAS faculty is very cooperative, not less than a friend. They know where aspirants are lacking and thus, guide us in a way we understand. Yojna IAS is the best platform preparation afterall we all have to do it alone at last. Yojna IAS Teachers who share their experience are very good. Yojna IAS sociology is the best optional subject here just because of Yojna IAS  faculty. 

Yojna IAS is the best institute in the country. This institute has enhanced my civil service aptitude through the right administrative approach.

Details of Yojna IAS Coaching Institute – Best UPSC Coaching in Sangli Miraj Kupwad 

Yojna IAS Coaching Contact Details And Address 

Address: Online Coaching

Contact Number:8595390705




IAS Exam consists of total 3 stages:


  1. Preliminary Exam


(a) General Studies – I


(b) General Studies – II


  1. Mains Exam


(a) General Studies – I


(b) General Studies – II


(c) General Studies – III


(d) General Studies – IV


(e) Indian Language


(f) English


(g) Optional Paper – I


(h) Optional Paper – II


  1. Personality Test



The IAS examination pattern consists of three stages which are mentioned as follows:

Stage 1 – Preliminary examination of IAS prelims

Stage 2 – Mains examination of IAS mains

Stage 3 – UPSC personality test of IAS interview.


The General Studies Paper 2 in the IAS examination is qualifying in nature and candidates are required to acquire a 33% minimum in the paper to qualify for the next stage in the IAS examination.

Blind candidates are given extra time of 20 minutes in each paper of prelims IAS examinations.

The candidates must appear in both the papers of civil service prelims examination for the purpose of evaluation.

Candidates who did not score the cutoff marks are eliminated as it is only a screening test.


Best faculties for IAS Coaching  in Sangli Miraj Kupwad 

Yojna IAS provides you support in your enrollment time period of that coaching. Yojna IAS provides you guidance and assistance till that time when your name will not be in the final list . Yojna IAS faculty  is providing us  fully updated notes of the economy.

This is really a hand holding Institute for all aspirants whatever their educational background. Yojna IAS is the best teacher and his teaching methodology is awesome, providing the best material for the civil services exam . Yojna IAS  has been very helpful in giving quality content for the civil services examination preparation. Yojna IAS faculty optional notes and his method of explaining various concepts in a very simple and interesting manner.

Courses offered by Yojna IAS








1.Why Yojna IAS is the best Coaching institution in Sangli MirajKupwad?

Yojna  IAS is the best UPSC Coaching institute. The teachers and staff are very cooperative and helpful, study material and mock test series are extremely good in Yojna IAS. All the students are treated equally and the environment is very positive which is required during the UPSC journey.


2.What are the facilities provided by Yojna IAS for the preparation of IAS examination?

Yojna IAS provides Coaching Notes, IAS Exam Preparation Booklets, IAS optional coaching Notes, UPSC Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available. 


3.What is the fee structure of Yojna IAS Coaching institute?

Yojna IAS is a Online Coaching institute,  

The fee structure of Yojna IAS is Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 and it has very less batch size with Batch Size of30 -35 Students. follow for more updates. 

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