Why Sociology Optional Coaching is Effective

Why Sociology Optional Coaching is Effective

Why Sociology Optional Coaching is Effective

Sociology is among the highly appreciable and cherished subjects in the UPSC exam. The sociology syllabus is short, and anyone with a basic knowledge of the subject can understand the concept. There is no compulsion to have prior knowledge and background of the subject. We at Yojna IAS conduct the Best Sociology Optional Online Coaching in Delhi to scale up your IAS preparation.

Why You Should Pick Sociology As Your Optional Subject

While selecting an optional subject for UPSC, make sure you have a strong hold on the subject. You must be interested in the subject to perform well in the exam. We have gathered some logical reasons for selecting sociology as an optional subject for the UPSC exam.

Familiar with Social Problems:

When you study Sociology, it naturally enhances your familiarity with different social problems such as gender dissimilarity, casteism, poverty, and other significant conflicts. Taking the Best sociology optional Online coaching in Delhi from a renowned institute such as Yojna IAS gives you clarity on taking steps on constructive social transformation. You must start by reading the book “Introduction to Sociology” by Anthony Giddens. This book is the best reference book for sociology’s optional subject.

Individual Growth:

Reading sociology allows a person to make a way for individual development. Moreover, the person can have an in-depth knowledge of himself and his status in the society. You can understand your thoughts, customs, beliefs, traditions, and experiences and become self-conscious about yourself. Additionally, many UPSC professionals recommend reading Sociological Theory by George Ritzer, an excellent reference book on Sociology.

Research Expertise:

Sociology frequently includes explanations, assumptions, data inspection, and research. These aptitudes are essential to understanding anything deeply about a specific subject. Studying sociology will increase your research expertise.

Aware of Different Cultures:

Yojna IAS’s Sociology Optional Online Coaching allows a person to understand different cultures, standards, beliefs, and rituals profoundly. This consciousness is vital in today’s unified global platform.

Benefits of Choosing Sociology as an Optional Subject

You will get numerous benefits after choosing Sociology as an optional subject. Let know these benefits:

The Syllabus is Small:

The Sociology subject syllabus is small, and you don’t have to spend 5 to 6 months to complete it. With the help of credible Best Sociology Optional Coaching Online from Yojna IAS, you can complete the sociology course in 3.5 months or less.

No Sociology Background Needed:

If you think you need to have a past background and knowledge to get good marks in sociology, then it is unnecessary. However, if you have the background, it is a plus point. However, understanding sociology is easy for all UPSC aspirants.

Only a Few Books Are Required: 

You don’t have to read many books to understand sociology. Some of the books which are the most authentic books on Sociology are:

    • Sociology Themes and Perspectives by Haralambos & Holborn
    • A Dictionary of Sociology by John Scott
  • Sociological Thought by Francis Abraham and John Henry Morgan
  • An Introduction to Political Theory by O P Gauba

Similarity with Essay Papers and GS:

The Sociology syllabus matches essay papers and General studies, which means that if you study sociology, you can cover a large part of general studies and essay papers.

Top-Scoring Subject:

Sociology is one of the top-scoring subjects. Even many students have managed to score 300+ in the sociology subject. It eventually helps improve your MAINS exam ranking by scoring high in sociology.

Continuous Progressive Results: 

Students with sociology as an optional subject have the highest selection instead of other candidates.

Choosing sociology as an elective subject must complement your career expectations and individual interests. Sociology is interesting if the different cultures, traditions, conflicts, and topics stimulate you.

Yojna IAS’s Sociology Optional Coaching in Delhi: Features 

Well, the Best sociology optional coaching online at Yojna IAS comes with plenty of perks. Some of the perks you will get while preparing for sociology optional subject are:-

  • Complete syllabus coverage
  • Focus on answer-writing skills
  • Daily mock exam
  • Student’s performance evaluation
  • Understanding the UPSC exam pattern and syllabus
  • Interaction with peer learners and mentors
  • Latest study material, reference books, sociology notes
  • Regular doubt removal sessions
  • Current affair segment
  • Personal focus on each student
  • Periodic revision and concept clarity

Candidates at Yojna IAS have already gained high confidence in understanding the concepts and theories of the subjects. Moreover, we have a great mentor Dr. Huma Hassan as a subject matter expert for sociology optional. Dr. Huma Hassan has been consistently providing in-depth knowledge of sociology subjects to all candidates. The teaching technique of Dr. Huma Hassan is excellent and easygoing.  Students can become ethical people and great administrators while knowing sociology’s basics and core methodologies. Our student can develop their analytical expertise and critical thinking. All our classes are communicative, and we monitor every student to do well in the exam.



There are limited seats available for classroom batches at Yojna IAS. So, we have decided to provide hybrid and online sociology coaching for Students who cannot commute to Delhi or Noida. Our sociology optional coaching online is as effective as classroom batches because our mentors give equal attention to all candidates.

Fees for Sociology Optional IAS Coaching

Yojna IAS provides the best and affordable fee structure for better preparation for Sociology Optional. Fees of Yojna IAS For Online Coaching are listed below

(a.) Online: ₹13,999/-


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