Cases Pending in Supreme Court

Cases Pending in Supreme Court


Cases Pending in Supreme Court – Today Current Affairs

  • Many sitting judges of the Supreme Court are retiring in the year 2022, as a result of which many posts in the top court will become vacant this year.

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Related concerns:

  • These retirements in the Supreme Court are taking place at a time when the court is in the process of stabilizing itself, especially after the brutal waves of the pandemic, with a large number of cases pending in the court.
  • India’s legal system has the ‘largest pending case backlog’ in the world – about 30 million cases pending.
  • This number continues to grow, reflecting the flaws in its own legal system.
  • And because of this backlog, most of the prisoners in India’s prisons are undertrials awaiting trial.

Cases pending in Supreme Court : The Hindu Analysis

  • As per Supreme Court data, 70,362 cases are pending in the apex court as of April 1, 2022.
  • More than 19% of these cases are not ready to appear before a court bench for ‘judicial hearing’ as the required preliminary process has not been completed.
  • 52,110 cases are still at the entry stage, while 18,522 cases are related to regular hearing.
  • The total number of cases (main and allied matters) before the Constitution Bench is 422.
  • The Supreme Court has recently resumed ‘full physical hearing’, after two years of ‘virtual system’.

Various steps taken by the government to reduce the pendency of cases : The Hindu Analysis

  • The “National Litigation Policy 2010” has been implemented to turn the government into an efficient and responsible ‘litigant’.
  • According to the ‘National Litigation Policy’ 2010, ‘State Litigation Policies’ have been prepared by all the states.
  • The ‘Legal Information Management and Briefing System (LIMBS)’ was formulated in 2015 with the objective of keeping track of the cases in which the government is a party.
  • The Supreme Court has advised the Central Government that the social service duties should be allotted to criminals sentenced to imprisonment for 6 months or one year, instead of sending them to burden the already overcrowded jails.

Demand on Time : The Hindu Analysis

  • Revise the National Litigation Policy.
  • ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism’ should be promoted to encourage arbitration.
  • Coordinated action should be taken between the government and the judiciary.
  • The judicial capacity in the lower courts should be strengthened to reduce the burden on the higher courts.
  • Expenditure on the judiciary should be increased.
  • Court case management and court automation system should be improved.
  • Constitution of subject-specific ‘Pethas’.
  • Strong internal dispute resolution mechanism.
  • Judges should write shorter and more precise decisions.

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