China-Russia ‘Joint Sea 2021 naval exercise’

China-Russia ‘Joint Sea 2021 naval exercise’


  • China and Russia are holding Joint naval drills called “Joint Sea 2021 naval exercise” in the Sea of Japan.

Key Points

  • The joint naval drill was kicked off from October 14, 2021.
  • It highlights the latest sign of growing political and military alignment between Russia and China.
  • The drill started in Russia’s Peter the Great Gulf in Sea of Japan. It will run through October 17, 2021.

Activities under the drill

  • This joint naval drill would encompass communications, joint manoeuvring & firing on seaborn targets, anti-air, anti-mine, and anti-submarine operations, joint manoeuvring and firing on seaborn targets.

China in the drill

  • For the first time China will be represented by anti-submarine warfare planes and destroyers of greater than 10,000 tons in displacement for exercises abroad.
  • China will also be represented by warships such as Type 055 large destroyer Nanchang, Type 054A frigates Binzhou & Liuzhou, Type 052D destroyer Kunming, Type 903A comprehensive supply ship Dongpinghu, vessel-borne helicopters and fixed wing anti-submarine warfare aircraft.
  • On the other hand, Russia will be represented by anti-submarine ships, aircraft and frigates.

China-Russia cooperation

  • China and Russia are jointly holding the drill as they are united in opposing the dominance of United States in global affairs.
  • Both the countries have been harsh critics of foreign policy of Washington in Afghanistan. China generally follows Russia’s lead on matters like Iran.
  • It has become increasingly assertive in defending its vital interests regarding Taiwan, South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific. 
  • China has also strongly criticized an agreement for Australia in order to obtain eight nuclear-powered submarines which are built with US technology.

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