Diminution  of the Gandhi Ji: An endanger for the essence of India’s future 

Diminution  of the Gandhi Ji: An endanger for the essence of India’s future 

Context: In the magazine Antim Jana which is  published by the Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti (GSDS), the description of the Savarkar and quoting Savarkar with Gandhi ji is not only questionable on the ground of historical truth but also on the ground of Indian cultural philosophy 

In this article, Savarkar is praised and tried to bring Savarkar to the same stature as Gandhi. Such type of intention is really the thread for Indian history as well as the Indian philosophy 


Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti (GSDS) is an institution presided by the prime minister of India. This institution is formed to propagate the ideals of Gandhi Ji in the world. A magazine Anitam Jana is released from this institution. The word Antim Jana means the last people or marginalized people. Gandhi always talked about the lowest call or marginalized people. 

Savarkar was the founder of secret societies during the first decade of the 19th century and also participated in the national movement against the British. He was arrested two times but was left after the apology. The comparison of Savarkar with Gandhi Ji is completely irrational 

What is GSDS 

GSDS is an institute that is dedicated the research works on the Gandhian philosophy. It was constituted in 1984. The Prime minister of India is the Chairman of the GSDS. If any article is published through this institution, it can not free the prime minister from such responsibility. Therefore prime minister’s office should keep close eyes on the functioning of this institution The lionizing of Savarkar and the diminution of Gandhiji has implications in terms of the essence of India’s future. 


Recent Trend 

It has been observed that some people of rightist ideology not only criticize the ideas of Gandhiji but also they justify the assassination of Gandhi Ji also. the Savarkar was accused of the murder of Gandhi ji. However he was left in the absence of evidence but still, nobody can forget the role of RSS and Hindu Mahasabha in the assassination of Gandhiji. Through social media, these types of illogical and inappropriate facts are being spread in society which would be dangerous for the integrity and unity of India 

The Philosophy of Gandhi ji

Gandhiji belied in nonviolence but  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) criticized the concept of nonviolence. However, the nonviolence of Gandhi was not cowardness and it was the tool of the powerful person. Gandhiji invoked the epic, the Mahabharata, in ways starkly different from an invocation as a battle cry. He said; “It is said that in the Mahabharata period the Pandavas used to stay in this Purana Qila.” Just like the Pandavas, said Gandhiji, the Muslims “are under your protection, and under my protection”.

Gandhi believed in communal harmony / during the Karachi session of the congress in 1931, Gandhiji emphasized religious tolerance and religious neutrality of the state. the religion of the Gandhi ji was the collection of righteous things 

While the RSS and Savarkar propagated extreme Hinduism, in their sights, minorities are a threat to the unity and integrity of India. So minorities should be separated from the country or they should be subjugated. Shruti Kapila in Violent Fraternity: Indian Political Thought in the Global Age (2021) recounts that Savarkar’s idea of the virile and masculine and his desire to claim India’s history and space, saw the nation as a battleground which makes violence the only desirable means to meet supremacist goals.

Gandhi believed in the unity of all communities and belied in peace and nonviolence. 

Impact of Such Articles 

The Indian education system has been based on reading books. Our students have trust in written things. If they would be provided wrong information, it would be dangerous for the new generation. Generally, through the education system, the government wants to spread some specific ideas, however, it is not correct for the education system 


These types of articles would hamper the communal harmony and the solidarity of the Muslims towards the nation also. We should not make those people our heroes who always abused a particular community. The communal philosophy and the communal person can never be the Hero of India 


Gandhi worked for the solidity of all people. He worked for social justice. He belied that every citizen of India including the marginalized people and those people who are standing at the last line of the country should also be uplifted. These types of works or articles would devalue the Gandhian philosophy. Therefore we must aware of this regard. No communal and hateful person should be praised and regarded as the hero of the nation 

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