‘DOSTI’ exercise: India-Maldives-Sri Lanka

‘DOSTI’ exercise: India-Maldives-Sri Lanka


  • The 15th edition of the biennial trilateral Coast Guard exercise ‘Dosti’ between India, Maldives and Sri Lanka was held in Maldives.
  • This exercise has completed 30 years in the year 2021.


  • Exercise ‘Dosti’ was started in the year 1991 between the Coast Guards of India and Maldives. Sri Lanka first participated in this exercise in the year 2012.
  • Exercises conducted over the past ten years have focused on providing assistance in the event of maritime accidents, eliminating marine pollution and Coast Guard’s procedures during situations such as oil spills.
  • Indian Coast Guard ships Vajra and Apoorva have been deployed for this exercise (2021).

Objective of the exercise:

  • The India-Maldives-Sri Lanka trilateral exercise ‘DOSTI’ aims to strengthen ties, enhance mutual cooperation and capacity and establish cooperation between the Coast Guards of India, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

Recent security developments:

  • Sri Lanka, India in a sub-national security advisory-level meeting held in August (2021) this year Sri Lanka and Maldives have agreed to work on the “four pillars” of security cooperation.
  • These included areas such as maritime security and cyber security.
  • Earlier, the three countries had agreed to increase the scope of exchange of intelligence information.

Exercises between India and Sri Lanka:

  • Abhyas Mitra Shakti (Military Exercises)
  • Sleenex (Naval Practice)

Exercise between India and Maldives:

  • Exercise Ekuverin (Military Exercise)

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