Forum for Decarbonizing Transport

Forum for Decarbonizing Transport

Forum for Decarbonizing Transport


In India, the ITI Aayog and the World Resources Institute India have collaborated to launch the ‘Forum for Decarbonizing Transport.’

The aim of the project:

The project intends to reduce Asia’s peak level of GHG emissions (in line with a well below 2-degree route), resulting in issues such as traffic congestion and air pollution.

The need of such a forum

  1. India has a large and diverse transportation industry, which is also the third largest source of CO2. According to (IEA, 2020; Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, 2018), road transport accounts for more than 90% of total CO2 emissions in the transportation sector.
  2. The NDC-TIA India component focuses on developing a cohesive policy framework and establishing a multi-stakeholder platform for decarbonizing transportation in the country. 
  3. The WRI India team, in collaboration with NITI Aayog and other project partners, will use this forum to formulate strategies and build viable business models to accelerate the adoption of electric transportation in India. The meeting will also serve as a forum for starting conversations about developing standard rules and achieving concrete goals in decreasing emissions from the transportation sector.


The benefits of such forum


  1. The Transport Decarbonization Stakeholder Forum is a watershed moment in the country’s electric transportation ecosystem. 
  2. On a shared platform, it will bring together CEOs, researchers, academics, international organisations, financial institutions, and the federal and state governments. 
  3. This will aid in the creation of novel business models that produce targeted results as well as the overall expansion of India’s electric mobility sector. We need to work together to provide clean mobility to India through effective collaboration, cooperation, and convergence.


Source:  PIB

Syllabus: Prelims; GS 3 (Environment)

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