Geography Optional Coaching Online

Geography Optional Coaching Online

Geography Optional Coaching Online By Yojna IAS is designed on the latest curriculum of the UPSC Civil Service Exam Pattern and provides comprehensive or in-depth Knowledge in Geography Preparation. However, This online course covers all the parts in the Geography Optional Syllabus and thoroughly follows beat by beat in the topics. Moreover, Geography is a scoring and popular optional subject among other optional subjects in The UPSC Mains exam. The geography paper overlaps with Other General Studies Papers in both the UPSC Civil Service Preliminary and Mains Exams.

The Geography Optional consists of two papers E.g., Paper I and Paper II. The value of each Paper is 250. The total value of the Optional is 500. The optional paper plays a critical role in the UPSC Mains exam. The geography optional will help you to get your name on the final list. The syllabus of Geography is much less than other optional subjects. There are a lot of chances to perform better in the UPSC exam through Geography optional.

Geography Optional Syllabus:

Paper-I Paper-II
Physical Geography:

  • Geomorphology.
  • Climatology.
  • Oceanography.
  • Biogeography.
  • Environmental Geography.

Human Geography:

  • Perspectives in Human Geography.
  • Economic Geography.
  • Population and Settlement Geography.
  • Regional Planning.
  • Models, Theories, and Laws in Human Geography.
Geography of India:

  • Physical Setting.
  • Resources.
  • Agriculture.
  • Industry.
  • Transport, Communication, and Trade.
  • Cultural Setting.
  • Settlements.
  • Regional Development and Planning.
  • Political Aspects.
  • Contemporary Issues.

Why Geography is the best and most popular optional in the UPSC Exam:

      • The question of geography question comes in UPSC CSE directly and strate-forward. Most of the question is based on the static part of the syllabus.
      • The Geography optional Syllabus overlaps with the General Studies Paper in the UPSC Preliminary and Mains exams as well.
      • The Geography Optional Syllabus Comparatively very less with other optional.
      • Geography has been scoring potentiality and scope for easy preparation.
      • Topics in the Geography optional syllabus are multidisciplinary including history, economics, political science, and Sociology. This can be a tremendous advantage in the UPSC CSE Preparation.
      • Easily available guidance and mentorship.
      • Every year most of the toppers come from Geography optional.
      • Aspirants can easily frequently score above 250 marks.
      • You can elaborate on your questions through diagrams and maps.
      • No need for any educational background to take Geography optional in the UPSC Civil Service Exam.

Distinguish Features of the Yojna IAS Geography Optional Coaching Online:

            • Recorded and Live classes Facility.
            • A comprehensively designed curriculum with all aspects of Geography Optional Preparation.
            • Batch sizes are very small and limited so aspirants will get quality education and preparation.
            • Well-researched and comprehensive study material is provided to the aspirants.
            • An interactive session to guide new aspirants to begin their Geography optional preparation comprehensively and thoroughly.
            • The Yojna IAS will complete the whole Optional Syllabus within 5 months.
            • The study materials for Online Geography optional preparation will be provided by Yojna IAS.
            • One-to-one Mentors Facility.
            • Weekly doubt classes and weekly class tests will be conducted.
            • There are 8 sectional and 4 full-length Mock Tests available for Geography Optional Coaching Online.
            • Aspirants can directly contact the Faculty Member for their doubts.
            • The last 10 years’ previous year’s Geography Optional questions will be discussed and make a road map to attempt the maximum number of questions in the Optional Paper. 
            • Focus on diagram and map marking while preparing or teaching.
            • The Fee Structure: Rs.13999

There are a lot of chances to better your performance in the UPSC Civil Service Exam through Geography Optional. The Yojna IAS Will make your Geography Optional Preparation Easy and smooth in the right and appropriate way. Moreover, The Yojna IAS has well-experienced and qualified faculty to guide and teach the Geography Optional. The institution will provide all the facilities to prepare The Geography Optional Coaching Online.


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