Green, Blue, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Black and torque wise hydrogen

Green, Blue, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Black and torque wise hydrogen


  • Considering the prospects of hydrogen economy in India, Rs 1,000 crore to Solar Energy Corporation of India and 1,500 crore to Indian Renewable Energy Development Organization for further boost to “non-conventional energy sector” in Budget 2021-22 by the Indian Finance Minister. 

Classification of Hydrogen Energy The Hindu analysis current affairs for UPSC:

Brown Hydrogen: This type of hydrogen is produced using brown coal where the emissions are expelled into the atmosphere.  It is produced by the process of gasification while black hydrogen can be produced from black coal. 

Grey Hydrogen: It is produced from natural gas or methane and the process by which it is produced is called “steam reforming”.  The emissions related to this are expelled into the atmosphere and this emission is in very small amounts.

Blue Hydrogen: This type of hydrogen is produced from natural gas, where emissions are captured using carbon capture and storage, and blue hydrogen is also produced through the process of steam reforming.

Green Hydrogen: It is also called clean hydrogen.  It is produced from clean energy obtained from renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy.  It mainly uses the process of electrolysis.

Pink Hydrogen: Like green hydrogen, it is produced through the electrolysis of water.  The only difference is that Pink Hydrogen is powered by nuclear power rather than a means of renewable energy.  The extreme temperatures of nuclear reactors are used for this.

Yellow Hydrogen: It is possible to produce yellow hydrogen through the process of electrolysis of water using solar power.

Turquoise Hydrogen: In this, turquoise colored hydrogen is produced through the process of methane pyrolosis.  Methane pyrolysis produces solid carbon.

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