Henry Vivian Derozio

Henry Vivian Derozio


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  • Whenever there is talk of religious political renaissance movement in India, whenever there is talk of renaissance in Bengal in India, whenever there is talk of free thinking in the country and when it comes to nationalist sentiments in a logical way. One name comes to the fore in the public mind, Henry Vivian Derozio.
  • Derozio was such a person who is also called the first national poet of modern India.
  • The Hindu College, which was established on 20 January 1817, became the great laboratory of the thought of Henri Vivian Derozio. The Hindu Analysis.
  • At the age of 17, Derozio started teaching as a faculty in the Hindu College in 1826, but on 25 April 1831, he was seriously accused of corrupting the Bengali youth, misleading them, making them anti-British, butDerozio would die. Dum Tak did not miss to criticize the social customs and traditions through his logical thinking.
  • Born in 1809, Henry William Deroziowas an Anglo-Indian. His father was of Portuguese descent and mother was an English woman.  He taught the youth of Bengal to think freely and to question all the ruling establishments.
  • He made debate and discussion a movement among the youth of Bengal. The youth of Bengal became quite rational on the issues of literature, history and philosophy.  In this way, he played an important role in bringing about an intellectual revolution in Bengal.
  • Derozio strongly advocated for women’s rights and worked among the Bengali youth to make women empowerment a strong issue.
  • When Raja Rammohun Roy founded the Brahmo Samaj in 1828 and strongly opposed idol worship, his independent thinking matched the independent thinking of Derozioand at the same time he was appointed to the Hindu College.
  • His great contribution is that he provided the spark to the youth to fight for the values ​​of liberty, equality and fraternity during the renaissance movement in Bengal.
  • was greatly influenced by the Great Revolution of France. The Hindu Analysis.
  • The Young Bengal movement in West Bengal is his contribution and his followers are called Dirojians.
  • The main objective of the Young Bengal movement, founded by him in 1928, was freedom of the press, protection of the ryot from the atrocities committed by the landlords, and getting Indian people jobs under high pay scales in government jobs.
  • Established ‘Academic Association’ and ‘Society for the Acquisition of General Knowledge’ for social reform. Apart from this, Derozio also formed ‘Anglo-Indian Hindu Association’, ‘Banghit Sabha’ and ‘Debating Club’. The Dairies also edited the daily ‘East India’. 

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