Acquire the Best History Optional Coaching in Delhi

History Optional Coaching in Delhi

Acquire the Best History Optional Coaching in Delhi

Selecting a correct optional subject for the UPSC exam is decisive to getting favorable ranks in the final exam. It will improve your possibility of gaining distinction in the Civil Services Examination. History is the most chosen optional subject in the UPSC exam. Moreover, if you have selected History as an elective subject, don’t forget to take History optional coaching in Delhi from a reputed institute such as Yojna IAS. Students should choose an optional subject by considering the following characteristics in mind: –

Student Must Have Interest in The Subject:

Do not choose a subject because your fellow candidate or any topper has chosen that. Select optional History or any other subject if you have a genuine interest in reading the subject. Your curiosity for the subject is the real workforce that will compel you to study for your exam. Selecting a subject on a random basis may not help you. Moreover, you may not be able to score high if you are impulsive while choosing an optional subject.

Calculate the Time Requirement for Coverage of Subject Syllabus:

Before selecting an optional subject, you must analyze how much time you can give it so that it will not hinder your main exam preparation. Ensure to complete the syllabus within time to avoid confusion.

Weightage of The Subject While Studying General Studies Paper:

Many optional subjects have a syllabus that overlaps with general studies papers. So choose an optional subject that must align with the General studies paper, and you don’t have to read extra for the GS.

Analyze the Latest Scoring Format and Trends: 

Observe your preferred subject scoring pattern and trends. If it is a good scoring subject, then you can consider it; otherwise, leave it and choose one with a good contribution in scoring high.

Is There Any Subject Matter Expert For Guidance:

Make sure the subject you choose is optional in the main paper and must have a teacher around you. A mentor and his guidance on the subject will help you perform magnificently in the exam.

Why Select History as an Optional Subject

If you choose History as an optional subject, your decision is excellent. The Best history optional coaching in Delhi at Yojna IAS is a huge availability. Now we will understand why a student can choose History as an optional subject:-

History Syllabus Overlaps of the GS:

As we have already stated, the major part of the History optional overlaps with the general studies paper. Hence, it is suitable for students as they don’t need to prepare for GS rigorously. Nearly 20 questions in GS Prelims and 10 questions in GS mains overlap with History optional.

It is Simple to Understand:

History is easy to understand, and there is no concept of theories. Moreover, you don’t have to memorize about any thinkers and readers.

Protect your Time and Energy: 

You don’t have to exercise about the current affairs topic because History has only past events. It will protect your time and energy. So never forget to get the history optional coaching in Delhi from a reputed institute such as Yojna IAS.

Improve your Critical Thinking and Observation:

History motivates critical thinking and observation expertise. Students can analyze and understand different information sources and points of view and assess the authenticity of historical events.

Help in Knowing Human Actions:

When you study History, it gives you data from human conduct, activities, traditions, and principles. You can clearly know about present occasions and human behavior by evaluating historical events and their outcomes.

Familiarity with Different Cultures:

History allows students to know about various cultures, traditions, communities, and societies. You may find variation in different cultures and their impacts on the surroundings.

About the Faculty

Amit Jha Sir is among the highly demanding and reputed teachers for History optional. He is a popular mentor for UPSC exam preparation and a subject matter specialist for History optional. Several candidates have topped in the last decade in UPSC through his splendid guidance. Students know Amit Jha sir for his intense focus, analytical, and modernized manner of teaching. He engagingly illustrates History so that students can quickly grasp the subject and its nuances. He is the top faculty in History optional, with more than 10 years of experience Teaching and mentoring students.

What are the Significant Features of joining Yojna IAS History optional coaching online?

Join Yojna IAS History optional online class, and you will get the features including:-

  • Best online coaching for History optional
  • Efficient teaching with a concentration on theoretical clearness in History
  • Syllabus completion within 3 months or less
  • Learning and preparation from fundamental to advanced level according to the latest UPSC format
  • Studying an in-depth understanding of all topics and theories is essential for your main exam.
  • Dedicated classes on Map related queries and course
  • Daily mock test and answer writing practice
  • Preparation of previous year’s question papers and sample papers.
  • Group discussion on interconnectivity between GS history and History optional
  • Extremely practiced and crafted study material to help in main exam preparation
  • Printed and handwritten notes from the renowned mentors are available in the classroom course. Online students will get the digital notes in their email.

The choice of History as an elective subject must rely on your personal aspirational, objectives, understanding, and expertise you want to scale. It is a subject that provides creative excellence, an in-depth understanding of past events, human behavior knowledge, and analytical skills. History provides a platform for different career perspectives, including journalism, teaching, public administration, research writing, etc. Get History-optional online classes from Yojna IAS and scale up your UPSC CSE preparation.

Fees for History Optional IAS Coaching

Yojna IAS provides the best and affordable fee structure for better preparation for History Optional. Fees of Yojna IAS For Online and offline Coaching are listed below

(a.) For Online: ₹ 55,000/-
(b.) For Offline: ₹ 60,000/-


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Contact Number:- + 91-8595390705

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