Hybrid terrorist

Hybrid terrorist


  • Hybrid terrorists are people who are brought in by terrorist groups to perform only one or two missions. They basically assist terrorist groups.
  • For example, shopkeepers allowing terrorists to possess arms, informers, etc. are hybrid terrorists.
  • They are like temporary or contract labour. They are not part of a terrorist group.  However, they are trained to perform a specific task.

Hybrid terrorists in India

  • Hybrid terrorists are increasing in Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorist groups are targeting political activists, civilians and people from minority communities to convert them into hybrid terrorists.
  • These hybrid terrorists are radicalized by terrorist groups. Then they are put on standby mode.
  • They are launched at the right time to carry out the terrorist incident. Hybrid terrorists are trained to hit the target.


  • The first and biggest challenge before the security forces is identified. It is extremely difficult to trace the location or whereabouts of hybrid terrorists.
  • They are also difficult to stop or arrest or eliminate through encounters. Cyber ​​patrol and technical gadgets are the only two ways to identify hybrid terrorists.

Narco Terror and Hybrid Terrorist

  • In narcotics terrorism, money earned from drugs is used in illegal activities.
  • Narco terrorists use this money to buy arms and ammunition through drug smuggling.
  • Terrorists use money earned from drug trafficking to pay hybrid terrorists.

Future dangers

  • Around 300 trained hybrid terrorists are waiting for the launch pad to infiltrate the Kashmir Valley. They have been assigned different terrorist activities.
  • According to army officials, they are planning to enter from Kupwara and Gurez sectors.

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