India endorsed the emission list

India endorsed the emission list


  • India officially endorsed a website made by Indian climate experts, listing the historical carbon dioxide emissions of developed countries.


  • India endorsed the emission list ahead of commencement of the 26th United Nations Conference of Parties (COP) in Glasgow in Scotland.
  • Emission list was created with the aim of highlighting the disparity between the emissions of developed and developing countries.
  • Countries like the United States, Australia, Canada & countries in Western Europe are shown as having a net carbon debt on the other hand, developing countries like India & China are having net credit.
  • Thus, the database highlights that, it is only fair that developed countries should commit to steeper targets for curbing emissions as compared to developing countries.

Where does India stand?

  • India is the third largest emitter of carbon emissions on yearly basis. However, it is the sixth largest with respect to its historical emissions.
  • When the size of its population is considered, it is among the lowest per capita emitters. This highlights India’s demands for climate justice as focus of the negotiations and its reluctance to agree for a fixed time frame in a bid to reach net zero.
  • India is the only important emitter that has not committed to a net zero target.

What is the purpose of website?

  • Website seeks to debunk the narrative provided by several developed countries, and global non-government organisations which focus on what developing countries must do.

Climate Equity Monitor

  • The website is called as “Climate Equity Monitor”. This scientific initiative focusses on equity and climate action from a data & evidence-based perspective, which in turn will encourage discussions on crucial issues.
  • On the website, performance & policies of Non-Annex-I Parties (developing countries) will be also provided to compare.

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