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  • The British had successfully suppressed the revolt of 1857, but by then an atmosphere had been created against the British in the country.
  • This revolution had awakened a new kind of political consciousness within the Indian public mind. It was only after this that the role of making a platform for Indians in political matters was written, and a party like the Indian National Congress came into existence.
  • On December 28, this oldest political party of the country has celebrated its 137th foundation day.
  • Congress was born in Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya in Mumbai on 28 December 1885, about 62 years before independence. The Hindu Analysis.
  • A retired Scottish civil service officer, A. O. Hume founded the Congress Party.
  • Although initially A.O. Hume did not get the status of the founder of the party, but after his death in 1912, he was declared the founder of the Congress.
  • It is worth noting that even though the Congress was founded by an Englishman, the Indian was elected as the president of the organization. In the year 1885, in the presence of 72 delegates, Vyomesh Chandra Banerjee was elected the first President of the Congress.
  • For a long time after the formation of the Congress, it was spread that Hume and other liberal British officials had founded the Congress, so that the formation of this political party could reduce the feeling of hatred against the British in the minds of Indians.
  • However, later many historians refuted this notion. These historians say that in fact the social, cultural, political and economic changes after the revolution of 1857 had determined the role of the birth of this party.
  • Therefore, two principles are given behind the formation of the Indian National Congress – the imaginary theory and the real theory.
  • According to the fictional theory, the human approach of A-O Hume led to the establishment of the INC. Although it is also said that Hume was very upset seeing the political plight of Indians, so he felt the need to create a political platform for them.
  • The motive behind this was that the grievances of the Indians could reach the British Government and the distance between the British and the Indians could be reduced.
  • According to the actual theory, it is also called safety-valve theory. The leaders of hot parties in India, Lala Lajpat Rai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, etc. had given the safety-valve theory.
  • Lala Lajpat Rai in his two books ‘Unhappy India’ and ‘Punjabi’, he explained the policies of the British related to the establishment of INC.
  • According to him, the INC was established due to the collusion of Lord Dufferin and AO Hume.
  • In fact, since the beginning of the 19th century, nationalism and anger among Indians against the British had started increasing, due to which the members of the British think tank thought of forming an organization that could reduce the distance between the British and the Indians.
  • In this way, according to these scholars, the Congress was formed only so that Indians could get a platform to vent their anger, that is, this institution acted like a safety valve. Later, this safety valve theory played an important role in the politics of India. The Hindu Analysis.
  • The purpose of the formation of the Congress was to bring together the leaders of different parts of the country, removing the barriers of caste, religion and region, as far as possible, so that the important problems facing the country could be discussed.
  • Till about the year 1907, the Congress had kept its attitude towards the British government quite soft, but later when the Congress realized that their soft attitude was not able to melt the British, they adopted the path of mass movement.
  • Congress played a very important role in India’s freedom struggle. Even after independence, the Congress remained a leader in Indian politics.
  • In the 15 post-independence general elections, the Congress won six times and led the ruling coalition four times. But with the passage of time the political equations changed and the Congress too could not remain untouched by the political ups and downs and its present form is in front of you.

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