Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2021

Indira Gandhi Peace Prize 2021


  • Recently a civil society organization- Pratham has been awarded the ‘Indira Gandhi Award’ for Peace, Disarmament and Development for the year 2021.
  • Pratham is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of education among underprivileged children in India and around the world.

Indira Gandhi Award:

  • The Indira Gandhi Award for Peace, Disarmament and Development was instituted in the year 1986 by the Indira Gandhi Memorial Trust in the memory of the former Prime Minister.
  • It consists of a monetary award of Rs.25 lakh along with a citation.
  • The award is given to individuals or organizations that work to ensure international peace and development, ensure that scientific discoveries are used to advance the realm of freedom and better humanity, and to create a new international economic order.


  • Established in the year 1995, Pratham started its work in the slum areas by setting up community based pre-schools and providing remedial education to the students who are lagging behind in their classes.
  • Its ‘Annual Status of Education Report’ (ASER), based on a survey of 600,000 rural Indian children, is now used as a model to assess education outcomes and learning deficits in 14 countries across three continents.
  • To address the concerns raised by ASER, Pratham launched its flagship program Read India in 2007, which aims to improve children’s education by strengthening their reading ability and arithmetic.
  • Pratham is being awarded for ensuring that every child has access to quality education, innovative use of digital technology to deliver education, skilling young adults, and regular assessment of quality of education and to help children recover from the loss during school closures due to COVID-19.

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