Javan Gibbon

Javan Gibbon


  • Indonesia is taking steps to protect the habitat of Javan Gibbon(Hylobates moloch), which is endangered by climate change and human encroachment.
  • The species is also hunted for both meat and pet trade.


  • The silvery gibbon, also known as the Javan gibbon, is a primate. They are found in groups only, usually in a pair of two.
  • It is endemic to the Indonesian island of Java, where it inhabits undisturbed rainforests up to an altitude of 2,450 m.
  • It helps in regenerating forest vegetation by dispersing seeds.
  • There are around4,000 Javan gibbons left.
  • It was declared Critically Endangered in 2004 but since has recovered to status of Endangered as per IUCN criterion. However, the latest IUCN estimate shows that their population is decreasing.


  • The Javan Gibbon wild population is only found in Java, Indonesia.
  • It is not found in India (The hoolock gibbon is the only gibbon found in India).

 Protection Status:

  • IUCN: Endangered 
  • CITES: Appendix I
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