Kyhytysuka Sachicarum: The New Marine Reptile

Kyhytysuka Sachicarum: The New Marine Reptile

Kyhytysuka Sachicarum: The New Marine Reptile Today Current Affairs

  • Recently an international team of researchers has discovered a new marine reptile named Kyhytysuka Sachicarum.
  • Kyhytysuka refers to an animal with a sharp bite, a name given to it in a local language of the region of central Colombia where its fossils were found.
  • It is named to honor the ancient Muisca culture that existed there for millennia.
  • The skull of this preserved fossil is one meter long, one of the last living ‘ichthyosaurs’ – ancient animals that look like living swordfish.

‘Ichthyosaur’ (ichthyosaur):

  • They are members of an extinct group of aquatic reptiles, most of which were very similar in appearance and behavior.
  • Their geographic distribution was very wide and their fossils span almost the entire Mesozoic Era.
  • They, initially thought to belong to the Triassic Period of Asia, were known as long-bodied wavy swimmers, while differing from several characteristics found in later species.
  • This species belongs to a significant transitional period during the Early Cretaceous period when the Earth was coming out of a period of relatively cold, rising sea levels and the supercontinent Pangea (a supercontinent that included almost all of Earth’s landmass) north and south. The land was being divided.


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