Mangolin Kanjur

Mangolin Kanjur


Indian Ministry of Culture has taken up the project of reprinting 108 volumes of Mongolian Kanjur under the National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM).

First five re-printed volumes of Mongolian Kanjur Manuscripts released


Mangolin Kanjur

  • Buddhist religious text that has 108 volumes (very prominent in Mangolia)
    ‘Kanjur’ which  are in Mangolian language
  • It provides cultural identity to Mongolia
  • Mangolians worship Kanjur at temples and recite the lines of Kanjur in daily life as a sacred ritual

National Mission for Manuscripts (NMM)

  • To publish rare and unpublished manuscripts so that the knowledge enshrined in them is spread to researchers, scholars and general public at large
  • It is under Ministry of Tourism and Culture


  • Buddhism was carried to Mongolia by Indian cultural and religious ambassadors long ago
  • As a result, today, Buddhists form the single largest religious denomination in Mongolia
  • The publication of Mongolian Kanjur will act as a symbol of cultural symphony between India and Mongolia
  • It will further strengthen bilateral relations of the countries
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