Parliament session

Parliament session


  • Lately, the Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs (CCPA) has recommended holding of the Winter Session of Parliament from November 29 to December 23.
  • It may be noted that due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the downtime session of Parliament couldn’t be held last time and the budget session and the thunderstorm session were also docked.
  • Indigenous Vittles relating to Parliament Sessions
  • According to Composition 85, there shouldn’t be a gap of’ further than six months’between two sessions of Parliament.
  • Please note, the Constitution doesn’t specify when or for how numerous days the Parliament should be in session.
  • The outside interval between two sessions of Parliament can not exceed six months. That is, it’s obligatory for the Parliament to meet at least doubly in a time.
  • The’session’of the Parliament is the period between the first sitting of the House and its prorogation.

‘Session’is called by whom?

  • In principle, the President shall, from time to time, summon each House of Parliament to meet at similar time and place as he thinks fit.
  • In practice, the dates for the sittings of Parliament are decided by the’Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs, conforming of elderly ministers and also communicated to the President.
  • Thus, the superintendent, headed by the Prime Minister, has the power to advise the President on convening the Parliament session.

 Significance of Parliamentary Session The Hindu analysis current affairs

  • Law- making i.e. the work of making laws is done during the administrative session.
  • Farther, thorough scrutiny of the working of the government and discussion on public issues can be done only during the ongoing session of both the houses of the Parliament.
  • For a well- performing republic, it’s necessary to have predictable administrative functioning.
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