Parvo virus

Parvo virus


Parvo virus- Today Current Affairs

  • In recent times, a virus called parvo is proving to be quite fatal for dogs. Dogs are dying within a few days due to this virus.
  • Parvo virus has been confirmed in more than 2 thousand dogs in Amravati, Maharashtra. Experts have told that due to Covid-19, dogs are not being fully vaccinated, due to which cases of parvovirus infection are increasing.  Just a few months ago, many cases of this were also seen in Chennai.
  • Parvo is a dangerous virus, whose infection spreads to dogs and their children. Veterinarians confirm the infection through examination when symptoms appear after infection.
  • In 90 percent of cases, the infected dog dies. Dogs of the breed Labrador, German shepherd and Rottweiler are more prone to infection with this virus.
  • The first case of parvovirus was reported in the world in 1967 and it is an infectious DNA virus. This virus was first detected in India in 1980.
  • It most negatively affects the intestinal tract and bone marrow of dogs. This virus is spread by coming in contact with an infected dog or when its infected things reach another dog.
  • In this, there is a risk of becoming infected even after smelling the feces of an infected animal, licking it, drinking its leftover water or eating food.
  • Its symptoms include bloody diarrhoea, vomiting, severe weight loss, weakness/lethargy and dehydration. There are two forms of this virus – first, cardiac and second is intestinal.
  • Vaccination to protect against this virus is given mainly in the 6th week and then three more booster doses are given at the interval of three weeks to protect the housed puppies.

Does this disease also spread to humans?

  • So far no such case has been reported in which it has been proved that this virus passed from dog to human. The Hindu Analysis.
  • Although it can definitely reach dogs through humans, for example, if this virus has reached human hands, clothes or other parts from an infected dog and that person has come in contact with a healthy dog, then that animal can be infected.

Here we mention all information about Parvo virus Today Current Affairs. The Hindu Analysis.


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