PM WANI: Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface

PM WANI: Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface



Baidebettu to get Wi-Fi connectivity under PM-WANI

Baidebettu village in Brahmavar taluk of Udupi district will soon get high-speed Wi-Fi Internet services under the Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM-WANI) scheme to be executed by HFCL

features of the project:

  1. The public Wi-Fi Access Network Interface, which will be called ‘PM-WANI’, was first recommended by the TRAI in 2017.
  2. This will allow setting up of public WiFi hotspots across the country via public data offices or public data offices (PDOs).
  3. It will not require the PDOs to get a license or pay a fee.
  4. This will involve multiple players, including PDOs, Public Data Office Aggregators (PDOA), app providers, and a central registry.


  1. PDOs will be “facilitators” between service providers and users.
  2. A PDOA will be an aggregator of PDOs that will oversee functions relating to authorization and accounting of Wi-Fi connections.
  3. A person, who wants to use public Wi-Fi, can do so via an app and will make payments as per usage.
  4. The project will also have an app developer who will build a platform to register users and discover Wani-compliant Wi-Fi hotspots in an area and display them on the app.
  5. A central registry, which will be maintained by the Centre for Development of Telematics, will record the details of app providers, PDOAs and PDOs.

Significance of the project:

Public Wi-Fi networks will ‘democratize’ content distribution and broadband access to millions at affordable rates. This will be the UPI (unified payments interface) of connectivity services.

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