Prawn fish

Prawn fish

Prawn Fish- Today Current Affairs

  • The Chennai-based Central Institute of Brackish Water Aquaculture has succeeded in sequencing the complete genome of the Indian White Shrimp. Scientists have called this a great achievement for two reasons.
  • First, it will help in making strategies for the prevention of White Spot Syndrome virus disease. The Hindu Analysis.
  • One of the biggest problems that shrimp farmers face is this disease. After genome sequencing, barriers in the seafood trade will be removed.
  • Due to this sequencing, it will help in speeding up the Growth Potential, Reproduction, and Maturation in captivity of Shrimf. This will also make it easier to produce shrimp at a lower cost by making necessary interventions in the nutritional requirements of shrimp.
  • With this, genetic improvement programs can also be run in future to produce shrimp with economically beneficial properties. The Hindu Analysis.
  • Secondly, due to complete genome sequencing of Indian White Shrimp, the dependence on Pacific White Shrimp from America will be reduced. This is because India is the native place of Indian White Shrimp.
  • That is, it is a native species of India and it is the most important seafood commodity in the world.
  • It is undeniably true that shrimp is the economic engine of India’s seafood exports.
  • It contributes Rs 40,000 crore to the national income, which is equivalent to 75 percent of the value of seafood exports by India.
  • The Shrimp industry in India contributes to about 11 percent of the global production of Shrimp.

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