Simlipal Biosphere Reserve

Simlipal Biosphere Reserve


Simlipal Biosphere Reserve – Today Current Affairs

  • Recently forest administration and self-help groups have started awareness campaign for management of fire in Simlipal Biosphere Reserve this year.
  • Earlier, scientists in Simlipal Tiger Reserve (STR) uncovered the secret behind the colours of the Black Tigers of Odisha.

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  • The name of Simlipal is derived from the name of ‘Simul’ (Simul- Silk Cotton) tree.
  • It was officially selected for the Tiger Reserve in the year 1956, which was brought under Project Tiger in the year 1973.
  • The Government of India declared it a Biosphere Reserve area in June 1994.
  • This Biosphere Reserve is part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2009.
  • It is part of the Similipal-Kuldiha-Hadgarh Elephant Reserve, which is known as the Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve.
  • This forest is prone to forest fire. In the year 2021, Simlipal witnessed forest fires in late February and early March.

 Location: The Hindu Analysis

  • It is located in the northern part of the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha, which is geographically located on the eastern edge of the Eastern Ghats.

Circled area: The Hindu Analysis

  • This biosphere covers an area of ​​4,374 sq km. It is spread over an area of ​​845 sq. km.  The core area of ​​(Tiger Sanctuary), 2,129 Buffer area of ​​1,400 contains the transition zone.

Plants: The Hindu Analysis

  • Simlipal has 1,076 species of flowers and 96 species of orchids.
  • It consists of tropical semi-evergreen forests, tropical moist deciduous forests, dry deciduous hill forests and vast grasslands.

Tribes: The Hindu Analysis

  • This biosphere reserve area is inhabited by two tribes namely Erenga Kharias and Mankirdias, who still collect food through traditional agricultural activities (collection of seeds and wood).

Wildlife: The Hindu Analysis

  • Simlipal is home to a wide range of wild animals including tigers and elephants, apart from 304 species of birds, 20 species of amphibians and 62 species of reptiles.

Causes and mitigation of forest fires: The Hindu Analysis

  • Natural: Natural factors like heat of the sun and rising temperature in this area can cause forest fires.
  • Man-made cause: Fire is used by hunters to hunt wild animals which can be the cause of forest fire.

Mitigation Strategies: The Hindu Analysis

  • These strategies include forecasting fire-prone days, building control fire lines to reduce fire incidence, working with community members in the region, removing dried biomass, taking action against poachers, etc.

Other Major Protected Areas of Odisha: Today Current Affairs

  • Bhitarkanika National Park
  • Badrama Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Chilka (Nalban) Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kotgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Nandankanan Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Lakhari Valley Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Gahirmatha Wildlife Sanctuary

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