Sri Narayana Guru

Sri Narayana Guru

Sri Narayana Guru

On Sree Narayana Guru’s Jayanti, the Prime Minister pays tribute to him.

About Shree narayan Guru

  1. Shri Narayana Guru, an Ezhava caste guru, preached the values of togetherness for his people. He warned against treating individuals unequally because of their caste. 
  2. He believed that everyone in the world belonged to the same caste. “Oru jati, oru matam, oru daivam manushyanu” (one caste, one religion, one god for humanity) was one of his famous remarks.
  3. All of these sects were created by non-Brahman caste leaders who operated among them. They attempted to modify the behaviours and practises that irritated the dominant castes. They attempted to instil a sense of self-worth in the lower classes.

Vaikom Satyagraha

  1. The Vaikom Satyagraha was a social protest by the lower castes of Travancore against untouchability. An incident in which Narayana Guru was stopped from travelling down a route leading to Vaikom Temple by an upper caste individual was claimed to be the catalyst for the protest. 
  2. It spurred Guru’s pupils Kumaran Asan and Muloor S.Padmanabha Panicker to write protest poetry. Another disciple, T. K. Madhavan, petitioned the Sree Moolam Popular Assembly in 1918, requesting that all castes be allowed to attend the temple and pray.
  3. With the assistance of Mahatma Gandhi, a group of people led by K. Kelappan and K. P. Kesava Menon created a committee and proclaimed the Kerala Paryatanam movement, which grew into a popular movement that resulted in the opening of the temple and three roads leading to it to people of all castes. The Temple Entry Proclamation of 1936 was also motivated by the protest.

Source: PIB
Syllabus: Prelims; GS 1(History)

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