State sponsors of terrorism

State sponsors of terrorism


State sponsors of terrorism – Today Current Affairs

  • Recently Ukraine has requested the US to designate Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”.
  • This would result in the imposition of the most stringent of all sanctions against Russia available to the US.

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State sponsor of terrorism means

  • Under this, the US Secretary of State has the power to designate “countries that repeatedly provide support for acts of international terrorism” as “state sponsors of terrorism”.

The US can impose four types of sanctions on the countries included in this list : The Hindu Analysis

  • Restrictions on US foreign aid
  • Ban on defense export and sale
  • Certain controls on the export of dual-use goods
  • Miscellaneous financial and other restrictions


  • Under this, sanctions can also be imposed on those countries and individuals who engage in trade with specified countries.

Countries included in this list : The Hindu Analysis

 So far there are four countries on the list of state sponsors of terrorism:

  • Syria (designated 29 December 1979)
  • Iran (designated 19 January 1984),
  • North Korea (designated on 20 November 2017).
  • On 12 January 2021, Cuba was re-designated as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Laws Enrolling as State Sponsors of Terrorism : The Hindu Analysis

 There are currently three laws that authorize the Secretary of State to nominate a country to provide repeated support for acts of international terrorism:

  • The Foreign Aid Act of 1961: it prohibits the transfer of most aid;

Arms Export Control Act (AECA) : The Hindu Analysis

  • It prohibits exports, credits, guarantees, other financial aid and export licensing controlled by the State Department; and

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Export Control Act of 2018

  • Of these three laws, only AECA defines offensive activities to a limited extent as terrorism, while none of the three Acts defines “international terrorism” in the broadest sense.

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