‘SUJALAM’ Campaign

‘SUJALAM’ Campaign

‘SUJALAM’ Campaign


As part of the ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav,’ the Ministry of Jal Shakti has launched ‘SUJALAM,’ a ‘100-day campaign.’


The campaign:

  • The goal is to increase the number of ODF Plus villages by implementing waste water management at the village level.
  • This is accomplished in part by the construction of one million soak-pits as well as other grey water management operations.

The following are some of the primary activities that will be organised in the communities as part of this campaign:

  • To assess the current situation, community discussions, Khuli Baithaks, and Gram Sabha meetings are being held.
  • pass a resolution to ensure ODF’s long-term viability and the installation of the required number of soak pits to handle grey water.
  • Create a 100-day schedule for actions linked to sustainability and soak pit development.
  •  Build the required number of soak pits.
  • IEC and community mobilisation were used to retrofit toilets where they were needed.
  • Ascertain that all newly established households in the village have access to toilet facilities.


  • The campaign will not only construct required infrastructure, such as a soak pit for greywater management in villages, but it will also assist in the long-term management of water bodies.
  • Through community engagement, the programme will help the Swachh Bharat Mission- Gramin phase II operations gain traction.

Status of ODF, ODF+, and ODF++:

  • Cities that have been certified ODF at least once in accordance with MoHUA’s ODF guidelines are able to declare themselves SBM-ODF+ & SBM-ODF++ and seek for this certification.

ODF Status Requirements:

  • Every home with enough space to build a toilet has done so.
  • All residents of those households without enough space to build a toilet have access to a community toilet within a 500-meter radius.
  •  Within a one-kilometer radius of all business districts are public restrooms.
  • The ULB has created a fine mechanism to pens from defecating in public.rohibit citiz

ODF+ Status Requirements:

  •  All applicable ODF conditions, as listed above, plus the following additional requirements:
  • Individual toilets should be functional and well-maintained, and water should be readily available.
  • Within a one-kilometer radius of all public spaces, there are working public restrooms.
  • The city has enough portable toilets/toilet facilities to accommodate huge crowds in a single location.
  • Google Toilet Locator should be used to map all public and communal toilets.

ODF++ Status Requirements:

  • All of the prerequisites for SBM ODF+ have been met.
  • All public and community toilets that are in use should be adequately equipped and well-maintained.
  • Individual, community, and public toilets are all connected to sewer networks or safe containment systems (such as septic tanks, twin pits, or other on-site sanitation systems), with regular septage emptying, treatment, and safe disposal.
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