Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo System- SMART

Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo System- SMART


  • Recently the Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo System (SMART) developed by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) was successfully launched from Wheeler Island in Odisha.

Supersonic Missile Assisted Torpedo: Today Current Affairs

  • It is a missile assisted release torpedo of ‘Light Anti-Submarine Torpedo System’ for anti-submarine warfare operations. It is a canister based missile system.
  • This system is the next generation missile based stand-off torpedo delivery system.
  • When launched from a warship or truck-based coastal battery, the SMART takes off like a regular supersonic missile.
  • The system is designed to enhance anti-submarine warfare capability beyond the conventional range of torpedoes.• It covers most of its flight in the air at low altitudes with a two-way data link from a battleship or an airborne submarine target detection system and receives accurate position information of enemy submarines to intercept its flight path.
  • As it gets close enough to the submerged submarine, the missile will eject the torpedo system in the water and the automated torpedo will start moving towards its target to take out the submarine.
  • A torpedo is a cigar-shaped self-propelled underwater weapon, launched from a submarine, surface ship or aircraft and designed to detonate surface ships and submarines.
  • Varunastra is the first indigenous heavyweight ship, from which anti-submarine electric torpedo has been launched.

Importance: The Hindu Analysis

  • It will further strengthen the strategic capability of the Indian Navy.
  • It is a major achievement in terms of stand-off capability in anti-submarine warfare.
  • Project 28, approved in the year 2003, is a class of anti-submarine warships currently serving with the Indian Navy. These include INS Kamorta, INS Kadmat, INS Kilton and INS Kavaratti.
  • Project 75 is a program of the Indian Navy that involves the construction of six Scorpene-class attack submarines (Kalvari, Khanderi, Karanj, Vela, Vagir and Vagsheer).
  • Project 75 India envisages indigenous construction of submarines equipped with state-of-the-art Air Independent Propulsion Systems at an estimated cost of Rs 43,000 crore.

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