Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa

Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa


  • Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa initiative was launched by “YouWeCan Foundation” in Goa.


  • The initiative was launched by YouWeCan foundation which is run by international cricket icon and humanitarian Yuvraj Singh.
  • For this purpose, the foundation has partnered with SBI foundation, and state government of Goa.
  • Under the initiative, free breast cancer screening will be done using “iBreast devices”.
  • Around 1 lakh women will be screened over a period of two years.
  • Initiative would ensure that, 50 percent of the eligible female population in Goa is screened.

 Who funds the initiative?

  • The Swasth Mahila, Swasth Goa initiative is funded by “Indian Institute of Banking & Finance” as well as SBI Foundation.

 How women will be treated?

  • Under the initiative, free treatment will be provided for all the positive cases. For treating them, government of Goa will also extend its support.

 Included health centres

  • Breast cancer screening will be conducted across 35 Health Centres in Goa. For this purpose, 20 iBreast devices will be deployed. 10 will be deployed in North Goa while 10 in South Goa.

 iBreast Exam (iBE)

  • iBreast Exam will be used to screen under the initiative. It is a non-invasive, fully wireless, hand-held, mHealth point-of-care solution to detect breast lesion. iBE has shown high sensitivity and specificity for detecting non-palpable lesions at initial stage.

 YouWeCan foundation

  • It is an Indian non-profit organization, established in 2012 by Yuvraj Singh. It is dedicated to fight cancer. It focuses on four key areas namely awareness on cancer, its screening, treatment support, and empowerment of survivor.

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