Typhoon Rai

Typhoon Rai


Typhoon Rai- Today Current Affairs

  • The official death toll from Typhoon Rai (locally named Odette) in parts of the Philippines in mid-December has risen to 388.
  • Rai is the strongest storm to hit the disaster-prone islands this year (2021).

Key points: The Hindu Analysis

  • Typhoon is a type of cyclone. Depending on its place of origin, it can be called a hurricane, storm or cyclone.
  • Typhoons: In the China Sea and Pacific Ocean.
  • Hurricane: In the Caribbean Sea and West Indian islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Tornado: In the Guinea lands of West Africa and the southern United States.
  • Willie-Willies: in north-western Australia.
  • Tropical cyclone: ​​in the Indian Ocean region.
  • The scientific name of all these types of storms is tropical cyclone.
  • Tropical cyclones are intense storms, originating in warm tropical oceans with speeds exceeding 119 kilometers per hour and heavy rain.
  • Tropical cyclones rotate counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere. The Hindu Analysis.
  • Regional Specialized Meteorological Center (RSMC) Tokyo – this is the name of the typhoon. The name ‘Rai’ is given by Micronesia.

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