How Can A Mentor Help You In Your Preparation For UPSC Prelims?

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How Can A Mentor Help You In Your Preparation For UPSC Prelims?

The Union Public Service Commission, also known as UPSC, oversees the Civil Services Examination, or CSE. At least once, your parents must have asked you to apply for the UPSC exam. This is due to the fact that becoming an IAS officer and passing the UPSC are the goals of practically every Indian. One of the most searched topics in India is “How to become an IAS officer.” The UPSC CSE exam can be passed by self-study, although most applicants choose to be mentored. UPSC has three difficult hurdles to cross until one becomes an IAS officer. The first stage challenge is the prelims. If you’re unsure of how to do the preparation for the UPSC prelims exam or what function a mentor plays in an aspirant’s UPSC prelims preparation, keep reading.


However, given the abundance of new coaching facilities, it is currently rather difficult for an applicant to choose the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Yojna IAS, nevertheless, continues to be the best IAS coaching in Delhi despite all this confusion of rival institutions. 


Common Mistakes with IAS Self Study

Have you ever questioned why some applicants study for more than five years yet still manage to fail the exam while others study for only one year and crack UPSC CSE exam? The game is all about preparation for UPSC. The UPSC prelims preparation in particular, as this is the first stage of the UPSC CSE exam.


Self-study for UPSC has lately become very popular, however, you must realise that there are mistakes you can make easily. The most frequent one is believing you have enough time to study for the test. And by the time reality sets in, it’s already too late for you to finish the syllabus, let alone prepare for revision. 


Having too many books to read is another mistake students make. One should always focus on quality sources, like fundamental books, PDF notes, etc. And always make your own notes as this will help you prepare for the answer according to the UPSC exam pattern. On doing this, it will also help you stay focused on the UPSC exam and make the best of your time. 


Another popular misconception about the UPSC CSE exam is that it covers everything under the sun. But this is incorrect. Despite the extensive syllabus, there are a lot of topics that the UPSC does not cover. Due to the extensive syllabus, a significant portion of students who begin the IAS course abandon it before completion. However, it is important to remember that the syllabus is not meant to be a barrier. It is simply a guide to the topics that you will need to be familiar with. 

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How Coaching Institute Mentors Help With UPSC Prelims Preparation

For the above-mentioned troubles that comes with IAS self study preparation, joining the best UPSC coaching institute is the solution. It has been observed that a lot of students have trouble in knowing how to start UPSC prelims preparation. Mentorship will help you in knowing which topics to study as they have years of experience in preparing students for the UPSC exam already. Secondly, the time factor. Students find it difficult to bring themselves to the study mode but having a mentor will help you not just with completing your syllabus but will also motivate you every time you feel off track. 


Not everyone who sits for the UPSC CSE exam has someone in their family or friend’s circle to give them guidance and support. This is where a coaching mentor can be invaluable. The will guide you into the right way to prepare for UPSC prelims. From giving valuable study materials, lectures to even providing valuable tips and UPSC pdf notes, they can help you stay on track and motivated, even when things get tough.


There’s a famous quote by Steve Jobs that goes, “ The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.



In conclusion, if you feel that self-study is not what you can do and are highly likely to divert from your goal, immediately join the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Take proactive steps into working towards your goal because it’s only you who can at the end of the day be a true motivator for yourself. 


Yojna IAS is the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Here you will find the best of UPSC faculty and the right environment that will boost your IAS dream.  

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