Uranium in India

Uranium in India

Uranium in India


The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has taken over probe into the seizure of natural uranium worth over ₹21 crore in Mumbai.


  • Uranium is a silvery-Gray metallic radioactive chemical element. It is only naturally formed in supernova explosions.
  • Uranium, thorium, and potassium are the main elements contributing to natural terrestrial radioactivity.
  • It has chemical symbol U and atomic number 92.
  • Uranium isotopes in natural uranium are 238U (99.27%) and 235U (0.72%).
  • All uranium isotopes are radioactive and fissionable. But only 235U is fissile.
  • Traces of Uranium are found everywhere. Commercial extraction is possible only in locations where the proportion of Uranium is adequate. There are very few such locations.

Uranium in India

  • India has no significant reserves of Uranium. All needs are met through imports.
  • In India, Uranium deposits occur in the Dharwar rocks.
  • It occurs along the Singbhum Copper belt (Jharkhand); Udaipur, Alwar and Jhunjhunu districts of Rajasthan, Durg district of Chhattisgarh, Bhandara district of Maharashtra and Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Some quality reserves are also found in parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana between Seshachalam forest and Sresailam


  • used in nuclear power plants due to its unique nuclear properties.
  • Depleted uranium is also used as shield against radiation in medical processes using radiation therapy and also while transporting radioactive materials.
  • It is effective in halting radiation.
  • Its high density also makes it useful as counterweights in aircraft and industrial machinery

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