Vibrant Villages Programme

Vibrant Villages Programme

Vibrant Villages Programme

Why it’s in News: The “Vibrant Villages Programme” (VVP), a centrally sponsored program, has received approval from the government for the financial years 2022–2023 to 2025–2026.

The main theme of the topic: is the comprehensive scheme for the development of border villages and blocks in order to raise the standard of living for residents of those border villages. This will aid in enticing residents in border regions to remain in their homes and stop the exodus from these towns, improving border security.

Topic Description: The program will provide funding for vital infrastructure development and the creation of livelihood opportunities in 19 districts, 46 border blocks, four states, and one UT along the country’s northern land border. This will aid in achieving inclusive growth and preserving the population in the border regions. 663 Villages will be included in the initiative in the first phase.

The program assists in identifying and developing the economic drivers based on the local human, natural, and other resources of the border villages along the northern border, as well as in the development of growth centers on the “Hub and Spoke Model” through the promotion of social entrepreneurship, the empowerment of youth and women through skill development and entrepreneurship, and the leveraging of the tourism potential through the promotion of local cultural, traditional knowledge, and heritage, as well as the development of sustainable eco

Gram Panchayats will assist the district administration in developing vibrant village action plans. The complete saturation of federal and state programs will be guaranteed.

Key outcomes: It includes linkage with all-weather roads, access to drinking water, 24-hour electricity, particular attention being paid to solar and wind energy, internet and mobile connectivity, centers for tourism, centers with many uses, and centers for health and wellness

The Border Area Development Programme won’t be duplicated. 2500 crore of the 4800 crore rupees in financial allocation would be used for roads.

Significance of the Vibrant Villages Programme

  • For reasons of national security, it is inappropriate for border villages to migrate, and the proposed budget includes funds for creating a thriving border
  • The country’s border settlements are distinguished by challenging topography, inadequate transportation systems, and subpar socioeconomic
  • These towns have a small population, and poor infrastructure, and are frequently excluded from the benefits of progress
  • These areas do not reap the same growth advantages as other states
  • Additionally, the Government had prioritized the creation of Border Villages. In 2018, as the Border Area Development Programme (BADP) was being implemented, Rajnath Singh, the then-Union Home Minister, emphasized the importance of the border people as a strategic asset for the nation and a crucial component of maintaining border security.
  • In order to guarantee that these people continue to reside in border communities, every effort must be taken to upgrade the social and economic
  • The government gives the social and economic well-being of border residents top priority and works to provide them with all the amenities they need, including connectivity, clean water to drink, schools, hospitals, and other services to enable sustainable living in these areas

The Future Envisioned

  • The Union Budget has prioritized building roads in border regions, which would significantly improve the quality of life for those who live there.
  • The country’s border tourism has been boosted by the tourist ministry’s efforts.
  • India’s border villages are intended to undergo renovation as part of the “Vibrant Villages Programme.” This is essential to protect the nation’s sovereignty and further shield them from any potential neighbor disputes.
  • The National Cadet Corps (NCC) Centers would be introduced in schools located along the borders, and the budget also focused on developing border settlements.
  • The government is supplying water and power in a comprehensive manner.
  • All villages should have access to digital resources, communication infrastructure, and e-services, according to the government.
  • The Bharatnet Project will award PPP contracts for the installation of optical fiber in all villages, even distant ones, in 2022–2023.
  • It is anticipated that the project will be finished in 2025, and steps will be done to enable better and more effective usage of optical fiber.

Need for such a plan

The program is a critique of China’s model villages, but the phrase was carefully chosen to avoid upsetting the neighbors. China has recently developed new villages along the LAC, primarily on the other side of the border with Arunachal Pradesh. While China has been settling additional residents in border regions, villages on the Indian side of the border have experienced an unparalleled outflow of residents.

The confidence of our army men will undoubtedly increase as a result of this initiative.

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