Village rice

Village rice

‘Village rice’


Patented ‘village rice’ from Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district exported to Ghana, Yemen.

Two consignments 4.5 MT of patented ‘village rice ‘ sourced by a start-up Udaya Agro Farm, was exported to Ghana & Yemen via air & sea routes.

In March 2021, the first consignment of ‘red rice’ from Assam was exported to the USA.

Village rice

  • Its unique feature is that, it enriched with protein, fibre, and various minerals.
  • ‘village rice ‘ is sourced directly from farmers of Thanjavur, also known as rice bowl of Tamil Nadu

Red rice:

  • Iron-rich “red rice” is grown in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam without using any chemical fertilizer.
  • The rice variety is referred to as “Bao-dhaan”, an integral part of the Assamese food.


  • To increase export of non-basmati rice thus help to reduce regional imbalance. During 2020-21, the shipment of non-basmati rice witnessed an impressive spike.
  • The non-basmati rice exports were Rs 35,448 crore (4796 US$ Million) during April-March, 2021 against Rs 14,400 crore (2020 US$ Million) reported during April-March, 2020 period.
  • The exports of non-Basmati have witnessed a growth of 146 % in Rupee terms and 137 % Dollar terms in 2020-2021.

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