Why Many Students Want To Become An IAS?

why many students want to become an ias

Why Many Students Want To Become An IAS?

The demand for public sector and civil service positions in India is enormous. There are numerous benefits to working in the government sector. Some benefits are Job security, Work-Life Balance, Retirement Benefits, on-time and competitive salary, and much more. There is no comparable private sector position to the civil service job.When compared to private sector employment, the perks of working for the government are enormous. The best IAS Coaching in Delhi will help you to become an IAS.

There is no comparison between a job as a civil worker and a position in the private sector. Our purpose, however, is to highlight the advantages of working for the government, particularly in the public sector rather than exaggerating the importance of private employment. The best UPSC Coaching in Delhi will guide you with all the eligibility criteria to become an IAS and how the coaching will be effective.


Eligibility of IAS According to Best IAS coaching in Delhi

eligibility of ias preparation


To become an Indian Administration Service the eligibility are as follows;

  • Nationality for becoming an IAS:

The candidate must be an Indian Citizen.

  • Age Limit to become an IAS:

The candidates must be between the ages of 21 and 32 on August 1 of the examination year. Certain age categories have age exemptions:

Category  Age Limit
OBC 3 years of relaxation (up to 35 years)
SC/ST 5 years of relaxation (up to 37 years)
PWD 10 years of relaxation  (up to 42years)


Educational Qualifications for becoming an IAS:

A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or institution is required. Candidates in their last year of graduation may also apply, but they must confirm finishing the exam with the required grades at the time of the main examination.


Number of Attempts for becoming an IAS:

The number of attempts is regulated depending on the category of the candidate:

  • General Category: 6 tries (up to the age of 32).
  • OBC: 9 attempts (till the age of 35).
  • SC/ST: Unlimited attempts (until the age of 37)
  • Union Public Service Commission  Civil Services Examination:
  • To become an IAS officer, candidates must pass the UPSC Civil Services Examination. The examination is divided into three stages.
  • Preliminary Examination (Objective Type)
  • Main Examination (Written and Interview)
  • Personality Test (Personality Test)


Choice of Optional Subject:

For the main examination, candidates must select one optional subject. This subject should be included on the UPSC’s list.


How to Prepare for IAS

how to prepare for ias

  • Understand the exam pattern
  • Read and Analyze the syllabus
  • Create a realistic timetable
  • Start Early
  • Select the Right optional Subject
  • Complete NCERT First
  • Complete the Standard Reference Book
  • Stay Updated with Current-Affairs
  • Practice Answer Writing
  • Take Mock Tests
  • Join a Reputable Coaching Institute (Optional)
  • Revise Regularly
  • Focus on Personality Development
  • Stay Healthy
  • Stay Motivated


Is Coaching Effective for IAS Preparation

is upsc coaching EFFECTIVE FOR IAS


The role of Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi is very effective for IAS preparation. The coaching institute will provide essential guidance and mentorship in the preparation for UPSC. The UPSC civil services exam is hard to crack and needs extreme hard work and the right mentorship. The well-experienced and qualified mentor will help you in each stage of your journey.

The IAS journey is like a roller coaster and you will face lots of ups and downs while preparing for UPSC. The Best UPSC Coaching in Delhi will boost your confidence and keep you motivated throughout your journey.

These are a few points in which the Best Civil Service Coaching in Delhi will be effective for IAS preparation



Best IAS coaching in Delhi provides well-experienced and qualified faculties

  • The well-qualified and experienced faculties will guide you in the preparation of UPSC.
  • The well-qualified and experienced faculties will identify the highs and lows in the candidates and help them to improve accordingly.
  • Institutes with well-qualified and experienced faculties hold a specific degree in UPSC subjects that help them to add more value to the candidate’s performance.
  • The two-way communication will help the aspirant and faculties to interact with each other and work on their performance accordingly.


The latest UPSC curriculum-based valuable study material

  • The Best IAS coaching in Delhi will provide you latest UPSC curriculum-based valuable study material that is essential while preparing for UPSC.
  • The UPSC curriculum-based valuable study material will be effective in your preparation.
  • The Institute will provide you with up-to-date and well-organized study material.
  • The study material plays a vital role in the preparation of UPSC.
  • More resources, such as online study tools, reference books, and current affairs updates, will be made available by the institute.


Mock tests held by Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

  • Mock tests are crucial to give when you are preparing for UPSC.
  • Best IAS coaching in Delhi provide a mock exam environment in which applicants can evaluate their knowledge, time management skills, and overall preparations for the UPSC exams.
  • Mock examinations help the applicant determine their strengths and shortcomings in a variety of courses and areas.
  • UPSC exams are well-timed Mock tests that mimic real-world scenarios, allowing candidates to practice time management skills.
  • Mock tests are an effective revision tool because they allow candidates to revisit and reinforce topics they have previously learned.


Regular Doubt Sessions

  • Aspirants frequently encounter difficult topics, challenging questions, or conceptual ambiguities that can impede understanding and learning.
  • Doubt-clearing meetings allow candidates to seek clarity on topics that are difficult or unclear to them.
  • Each candidate has unique learning requirements.
  • Doubt-clearing sessions offer personalized attention to specific queries and concerns.
  • The personalized attention provided by the faculty ensures that aspirants receive the assistance they require to overcome their obstacles.
  • Best IAS coaching in Delhi organize The regular holding of Doubt sessions will be effective in the preparation to become IAS.



This article includes the essential factors that will be effective for the preparation of IAS. We have also mentioned all eligibility criteria to become an IAS. This article will be appropriate for why the majority of students want to become an IAS. Keep reading and supporting our blog.

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