World aids day 2021

World aids day 2021

World Aids Day 2021 Today Current affairs

  • World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 1st December all over the world. It is celebrated to spread awareness about AIDS and in memory of those who lost their lives due to it.

Introduction about World aids day:

  • It was started by the ‘World Health Organization’ (WHO) in the year 1988 and was the first ‘Global Health Day’ with the aim of increasing public awareness about ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’ (AIDS).
  • AIDS is an epidemic caused by infection with the ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’ (HIV), which affects the human immune system.
  • An estimated 37.7 million people were living with HIV at the end of 2020, of whom two-thirds (25.4 million) live in the African region.
  • In the year 2020, HIV and related causes killed 6, 80,000 people and infected more than 1.5 million people.
  • Theme of the year 2021: End inequalities. End AIDS by ending inequality.
  • WHO and its partners need to highlight growing inequalities in access to essential HIV services as well as focus on reaching those left behind.
  • WHO is calling on global leaders and citizens to organize a conference to address the inequalities that fuel AIDS and reach those who are currently not receiving essential HIV services?


  • World AIDS Day reminds international communities and governments that HIV is yet to be completely eradicated. In this direction it is important to raise more funds, raise awareness, eliminate prejudice as well as educate people about it.
  • The day provides an opportunity to show solidarity with the millions of people living with HIV around the world.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

  • The HIV virus attacks the white blood cells (T-cells) in the body’s immune system called CD4. These are the cells that detect abnormalities and infections in other cells of the body.
  • After entering the body, the number of HIV increases and in no time it destroys CD4 cells and seriously damages the human immune system. Be aware that once this virus has entered the body, it is quite difficult to eliminate it completely.
  • There is a significant reduction in the CD4 cells of a person infected with HIV. It is known that the number of these cells in the body of a healthy person is between 500-1600, but in people infected with HIV, the number of CD4 cells can go below 200.

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