World Statistics Day

World Statistics Day


  • Statistics Day is observed all over the world on October 20 every five years.
  • World Statistics Day highlights the achievements of the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics.
  • World Statistics Day was created by the United Nations Statistics Commission and was marked in the year 2010.
  • The international campaign on Statistics Day is coordinated by the Statistics Division of the Department of Economic Affairs of the United Nations.
  • National Statistical Offices around the world work as the national coordinators. They also translate the promotional materials into the common languages and organize events and outreach.
  • The third World Statistics Day was observed on October 20, 2020, and the United Nations will now observe the fourth World Statistics Day on October 20, 2025.

 World Statistics Day History

  • The United Nations Statistical Commission, at its 41st session in February 2010, proposed celebrating October 20, 2010, as World Statistics Day.
  • Noting that the production of the reliable, timely statistics and the indicators of the countries’ progress is significant for the informed policy decisions and monitoring implementation of the Millennium Development Goals, the special resolution was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly which officially designated October 20, 2010, as the first-ever World Statistics Day.
  • Later in 2015, the General Assembly announced October 20, 2015, as the Second World Statistics Day as well as to celebrate the World Statistics Day every 5 years on October 20.


  • World Statistics Day is observed by countries around the world to highlight the significance of statistics to academic research as well as the development of civil society and businesses.
  • Statistics are known to be important for the economic as well as the social development of any society.
  • World Statistics Day celebrates the procedures of analyzing, collecting, and interpreting the massive data that contribute to the betterment of society.
  • On World Statistics Day, countries team up to collaborate on statistical management and to put more work into the process of gathering the statistics.

How to celebrate World Statistics Day?

  • World Statistics Day provides an opportunity to know about all sets of interesting numbers and data that come from organisations and industries.
  • Every individual can contribute to World Statistics Day by sharing and researching the interesting set of data on sports, environment, society, politics, art, crime from the verified databases. The data will help in future decision-making for these significant sectors of society.

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